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In Walnut Creek, an implant dentist with the skill and know-how to treat your case is just around the corner. John W. Bruns, DDS is a specialist in implantology who has been practicing in the Walnut Creek and Vallejo area since 1977. A board-eligible practitioner, he belongs to the American Dental Association, the American Association of Periodontists, the California Dental Association and the Contra Costa Dental Society. John W. Bruns, DDS is an implant dentist in Walnut Creek, with offices in both Walnut Creek and Valejo.

Dental implantology is an ever-evolving field; advances in the technology used have made this procedure the top of the line for permanent and durable tooth replacement. First, the gum is treated and cleared of any remaining debris; then a small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw. During a healing period of up to six months, the screw will form a natural bond with the surrounding bone. A temporary crown will be placed after the screw has integrated with your jaw, allowing the gum to shape naturally around the replacement. Finally, a permanent crown is firmly attached to the new root, producing a long-lasting and naturally bonded replacement tooth. The ceramic material used ensures that your new implant will be totally natural-looking and inconspicuous.

So whether you've lost teeth due to illness, decay or injury, an expert Walnut Creek implants dentist can help you regain your self-confidence. A new implant is the proven most effective and durable solution. Don't let missing teeth define your smile any longer! Call us today in Walnut Creek, or at our Valejo location today.

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